Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wooden Specs Studio

Much like my fellow blogger, Cathleen (who has a love for wooden toys) I love pretty much anything handcrafted from wood.  Handmade furniture, axe handles, cigar boxes, guitars, wooden toys, a wooden watch (posted by Cathleen in 2011 list is endless but I found these not too long ago and was actually upset that I still have 20/20 vision.

Peter Boerger owns and operates Wooden Specs Studio in downtown Indianapolis.  He started making his own glasses in 2007 mainly because he thought it would be neat to have frames made out of wood. It soon blossomed into a business and you can now buy and wear one of these very cool and unique pieces of utilitarian art. Visit his site, read more or maybe buy a pair at
Here is a very calm and well made short film by Will Wertz that shows Peter's process and is worth the 4 minutes.

He uses a variety of cherry, walnut, oak and sycamore to craft these frames but I would love to see him expand to other woods in order to help create new designs.  He uses only hardwood but incorporating some softwoods, such as ash, elm, mahogany, cedar and pine could be very cool.  You may be able to form more diverse and interesting shapes with pine, and mahogany could easily add an interesting grain and color without having to use paint.  Regardless, these are great glasses and when age catches up to my eyeballs I think one of these will be my first go to.
Here are some of the available designs from Wooden Specs:




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