Monday, November 4, 2013

Artwork of the Week: Carnforth Railway Station

Carnforth Railway Station, N Lancashire by Andy Hornby

Falling back. The days are shorter, the shadows longer, and the air is so much cooler now. Daylight saving time ended at 2am on Sunday and even though our high-tech phones automatically adjusted themselves, all day we kept forgetting when we caught sight of the delayed dashboard and oven timers thinking we were late for things. That hot panic creeps up the back of your neck only to be quickly relieved at the realization that, "No! We've got time! LOADS of it! An entire HOUR to do with whatever we please!" It feels like a nice little bonus until you hear that familiar cry ring out just before the crack of day. No one told Graham he had an extra hour to sleep in this morning. Hmm. 

- Cathleen

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