about us

Swings & Arrows was established in August 2011 by Cathleen and Grace (best friends since they were 12) as a space where they could share interesting internet finds with each other (and YOU). It has since grown to include the always insightful and inspiring weekly contributions of Alissa Guin Lively and Brian Searby. 

We're so happy you stopped by! 

Cathleen P Cueto II is an artist who recently moved with her video-editing husband and book-eating toddler son from Brooklyn to Durham, NC. She likes identification charts, appreciates oddities of all sorts, and loves to make (but mostly just eat) granola.

Grace McNicholas is an art historian and art teacher who resides in the DC area with her two children and husband. In between teaching art and snuggling with her babies, Grace spends her time scouring thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales for anything that might spark the imagination.

Alissa Guin Lively is an artist/illustrator in the DC suburbs. She divides her time between hanging with her husband, homeschooling her four children, reigniting her long defunct drawing career, planning her perfect wardrobe, adding to her book collection, inventing reasons to throw parties, and plotting to move back to the city proper. Among other things.

Brian Searby is a photographer and husband to fellow blogger, Grace. Along with general logging activities, Brian's main passion is exploring the beauty of both imagery and sound. 

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