Thursday, September 4, 2014

Emma Bridgewater

Have I ever talked about Emma Bridgewater? I'm pretty much obsessed with her pottery. Ever since I had Clementine I wanted to purchase her a silver baby mug from Tiffany's, but they are super expensive - so I settled for a silver spoon and you know what... that spoon is driving me crazy! It gets tarnishy on a dime and it has scratch marks all over it. Since silver is so high maintenance and completely out of vogue I was stuck. I headed over to Emma Bridgewater's website and was completely smitten by her baby mugs. Here are my top favs!

Figs Baby Mug

Egg and Feather Baby Mug

Polka Dot Baby Mug

The mugs are priced around $25 each and Bridgewater sells other items, pitchers, platter, jugs etc... Here's my beef, the company is located in England therefore shipping to the US is $30! And even though I of course understand why it costs this much it's irritating and has stalled my grand plans to have a gorgeous mug for my two babies.


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