Monday, September 22, 2014

Artwork of the Week: Illustration by Luke Best

illustration by Luke Best
published in Geo Wissen, 2012

After multiple reschedulings, we finally had our yard sale this past Saturday and it was a minor success! We made 118 bucks which was way more than we expected. Besides the rush that came over me each time I made a $3 sale, I mostly just felt relief to finally exorcise the house of all our junky demons. Most surprising transaction? One chipped Martha Stewart for Kmart bowl circa 2001 for 10 cents. After the guy failed to produce anything smaller than a $20 bill, he seemed genuinely psyched when I told him he could have it for free. I hope he and his roughly used bowl are happy. Wherever they are.

You can see more work from London-living Luke Best on his website: 
and his blog:

- Cathleen 

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