Monday, September 15, 2014

Artwork of the Week: The Yellow Books

The Yellow Books by Vincent van Gogh

Another surprising revelation of ordinary things: the library! Graham and I go to two different branches for story times and music/movement class at least twice a week, and while we're there, I'll usually check out a few board books for him. I never considered borrowing books for myself because I take FOR-EV-ER to read them and figured I would either end up with excessive late fees or returning them half-cracked. Then I read Alissa's post about Dinner: A Love Story and decided, you know what? I should check that out! So I went to my library's website and discovered that not only could I RESERVE BOOKS ONLINE, but I could also RENEW ONLINE! when the return date was approaching.  My whole literary world has been blown apart. I loaded up on cookbooks last week, including two on one pot recipes that I've been eyeing on Amazon for awhile. I may never buy another book again. 

I'd never seen this Van Gogh painting of books before, but apparently you can buy a print of it at Walmar. Look who's getting good at discovering things everyone already knows about.

- Cathleen 

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