Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Music for Mellow Mornings

Animal Tracks by Mountain Man

We took Micky to the airport early today, and since Graham's got a mean ol honking cough, we spent the rest of the morning inside playing music and reading books. I heard this song (below) in a yoga class weeks ago and didn't figure out what it was until yesterday. Sylvan Esso is a two-person band, produced by Nick Sanborn and voiced by Amelia Meath who used to sing with Mountain Man (above), a female folk trio I just discovered thanks to Spotify's Biography lesson. I like them both, but am really leaning hard on the soft harmonies of Mountain Man right now. And! Another revelation! Both bands are based in the Raleigh-Durham area. Which somehow makes them even dearer to my heart. Have a listen.

Coffee by Sylvan Esso

- Cathleen


  1. Brian likes this. I really love that Mountain Man song.

  2. I love this... Are they sisters? I love harmonizing with my siblings because of the blending... And they look alike..


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