Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Let There Be Light

Industrial Chandelier 

Today I bring you the results of my exhaustive online search for a new dining room pendant light/chandelier. The one that came with the house looks OK, but needs to be replaced as the constant high-pitched buzz ringing out just inches above our heads is quickly driving my husband insane. We've decided to have a yard sale this weekend to 1) get rid of junk like old sprinklers and bird feeders that the former tenants left behind, 2) say goodbye to things that we have moved multiple times (sorry, Micky!) that just don't belong in our lives anymore, and 3) make a couple of bucks that we can put towards buying a new light and paying an electrician to install it. It will be my very first yard sale as an adult, and I am very much looking forward to bargaining with all of the early birds. I have real TAGS that I intend to tie to everything emblazoned with reasonable sale prices and I've been thinking a lot about our display strategy --- tables with objects arranged at arm's reach work way better than tarps stretched across a soggy lawn piled with things that no one wants to bend down and dig through. Yes. I've given this system many thoughts. Hopefully it won't rain and we'll pass all of our old things to new homes and make millions doing so. 

Oh! And I think the above Industrial Chandelier from West Elm might be the winner. Which one do you guys like the most?

Mobile Chandelier 

Large Industrial Milk Glass Pendant 

Vega 5 Chandelier 

Victory Pendant Lamp

Satellite 3

Hampton Bay 1-Light Brushed Nickel Warehouse Pendant

Mobile Small Pendant 

- Cathleen 


  1. I love the first two and the milk glass pendant. Ever since G introduced me to milk glass, I've been SMITTEN.

  2. Just wanted to say that I may have to copy you if you choose the second one from West Elm.. We just bought a house and are gutting the kitchen... it is quite mind boggling all the choices out there... but I want a modern chandelier that is perfect for everyday, but makes sense for special occasions since we are knocking down a wall and only having one eating area... Perhaps I should do a guest post of my kitchen remodel.. just kidding..

  3. Also since you guys all have good taste... what do you think of these two light fixtures for over a large famers table..
    This I sort of like because of the size but is it Berestain bears and too much mason jars..

    Here is the other one I like..||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-

  4. Kathleen - the second one from West Elm is actually my favorite, but the husband likes the first one way more so there has to be compromise. You have my full and jealous blessings to get it yourself, but only if you post pics (and a guest post sounds like it might work for that!) so Micky can see how awesome it looks in practice. Of the two you linked to, I like the second one better, but only because I can't imagine unscrewing all of those jars to change the bulbs and dusting them. Ugh. Dusting.


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