Friday, June 27, 2014


Summer's in full swing in the Lively house and we've been taking advantage of the extra free time. One of the incentive rewards for our Star Chart was to do a rag doll project. Ev has been begging me to let her make her own rag doll and I've been putting her off because, little does she know, she's going to be receiving an American Girl doll in August from her grandparents. (She's going to lose her mind.) But she wanted to do the project so badly that I gave in. I made one doll (named Violetta) for Ev and a dress for Violetta and a dress for Jo's doll, Polly.

Polly's on the left, Violetta's on the right.
So, the rag doll ended up looking a little bit creepy but Evelyn doesn't even care. She loves the doll to pieces and even if Violetta's replaced by an American Girl doll in a month, I think it was worth the effort.

In other news, the chair that Polly and Violetta are sitting on is about to get a radical makeover. A friend and I came up with the brilliant idea of painting the upholstery since I get tired just thinking about reupholstering it myself. Then, Jenny posted about her upholstery painting project a couple weeks later so I feel confident that they're going to look fantastic when they're done. Mostly confident. I'll be sure to keep y'all updated.

Happy Weekend, Friends!

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  1. Those dolls are amazing! You and Ev should sell those on etsy. I smell a homeschool lesson on entrepreneurship!


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