Monday, November 25, 2013

Shaved Nice

Red Pencil Shaving Collar

I just spent the weekend with my besty Grace, her husband Brian and their little darlings Clementine and Teddy. Grace is an art teacher at a grade school, and after hearing more about what her days are like, the antics of her students, the sort of lessons she teaches the kids---and catching her constantly on the look out for old jars and plastic berry baskets to use in her classroom---I definitely have a deeper appreciation for what she does.

I also think she could totally rock this red pencil shaving collar in class and blow all of those little minds apart. Created by Veselka Bulkan of the Green Accordion stationed in Germany, this accessory is so bold and amazing that only she could pull it off with total confidence. Do it, Grace. DO IT.

- Cathleen

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