Thursday, November 21, 2013

Half Dollar Ring

I had a plan for another post but after finding this video yesterday I had to share.
Outside of my wedding band I would never wear a ring or any other type of jewelry, but this could be a very cool alternate ring option.
I was impressed by the ingenuity but even more by the outstanding use of a hand held drill and a few different drill bits.  One would usually use stationary tools for such a detailed job but this dude (with some long finger nails) doesn't play around and doesn't fear tearing apart his fingers.  My favorite part was the use of a nut and bolt to stabilize the coin.  That and the echo of his hammer throughout, what seems to be, quite a large workshop/warehouse.

Although it's a very simple band, I love that he was able to keep the words from the coin's edge on the inside of the ring.  I am pretty sure it reads "United States of America Half Dollar".  
Since I am on the topic of cool rings, here is one I found a while back that made me happy.

Titanium and Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrel Ring

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