Thursday, November 14, 2013


As many of you know, November has become the month for men's health and raising awareness for prostate and testicular cancer.  Much like breast cancer awareness it has become a bit of fad but not necessarily in a bad way.  The wearing of pink during the month of October has turned into a bit of show (especially in the NFL) and many have complained about the commercialization of pink products as well as the rabid corporate involvement.  I have heard that only small profit percentages from pink products actually go towards breast cancer research but in the end it's still better than nothing.
What I do appreciate about Movember is that it still seems to be a grassroots movement and since one has to naturally grow a mustache, there is less of a chance that the same sort of product bastardization will happen. Movember is really all about men showing off their manliness and I enjoy being involved myself.  
I could go on to list all the famous mustaches worn by world leaders/dictators, mascots, actors, artists, athletes...etc., but I feel like there is one that always stands out above the my mind.  It's a classic logo for what really is just a sub par product....
National Bohemian
I love this logo and it hasn't changed since 1936.  Mr. Boh has been rocking the classic handle bar mustache decades before any hipsters or indie rock bands grew their own or used it as a symbol for proving their edginess.  I love it's simplicity, the fact that it's only ever black and white and I appreciate that it has become an unofficial symbol for The City of Baltimore. If you ever drive through B-more, on 95, you will most definitely notice the huge Mr. Boh billboard welcoming you to an interesting and somewhat disgusting city.  
I also like that it seems as if the illustrator couldn't decide to draw a profile or straight on view of the face and ended up doing a bit of both. Why does he have just one eye? 
Natty Boh is usually consumed in large quantities and is the preferred beer of many frats as well as parties where beer pong is played in abundance and cans are shotgunned.  Regardless of it's taste or usage, I hope National Bohemian lasts forever just so we can always purchase cans with the image of this fine gentleman on the front. 

Here is an image to show the progress of my stache. Happy Movember! 


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