Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finds & Treasures: The Cracked Pitcher Edition

Hi All! I had a very interesting weekend. While scouting my favorite thrift shop for a killer find I happened upon this set of Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup glasses and pitcher. I hemmed and hawed about them for awhile and checked the comps on my iPhone trying to decide if I should buy or not. 

Comps varied as some people were selling just the four glasses for $14.99 but another seller was selling a similar set for $299.00. So I took the leap and purchased the set. 

Someone online selling the same set was touting this as Andy Warhol's signature… I think they forgot these were mass produced and that's simply a machine printed copy of his signature.

I brought it home and my better half liked the find, I was feeling like I made a good choice. I went about cleaning it and noticed a crack at the base of the handle for the pitcher. My spirit was deflated. There are no returns at my favorite thrift shop and on top of that I'm pretty sure I put the crack in it myself while washing it. 

The crack, ugh!

So what do you think readers? Do you think I can still sell the set? The pitcher doesn't leak with the crack but it's an absolute ding to the integrity of the piece. If I do sell what do you think I can ask for the set now? 

- Grace


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  2. My only glass pitcher has had a crack in it for 5 years and it's still going strong. Just go for it- as long as you're upfront you'll be good to go.


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