Friday, November 1, 2013

Pure + Good

As soon as the weather even hints at a chill in the air, I rush to bring out the tights. They make me feel not as bundled up but still warm and weather appropriate. In my love affair with tights, I've tried out many brands and so far the clear winner is 
Pure + Good from Anthropologie.

Color Palette Tights

Anthropologie can be a little hit or miss in the quality department (I think it depends on the brand) but Pure + Good has never failed me. They have great colors that are warm and well fitting but not so opaque that you feel like a school girl. I'm especially loving this current pair that are ribbed and sheer are the same time. Perfect to go with shorts- my fave.

Ribbed Sweater Tights

This fall, I'm super excited to be wearing the ones that lasted over halfway through my pregnancy last fall and winter and they're hardly worse for the wear. Not too bad for $15!

Is anyone else a tights lover? Or just me?

Whatever your choice of leg covering, get it ready because it looks like the cooler days (and nights) are ready to settle in.

Happy Chilly Weekend, Friends!

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