Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Malled by Michael Galinsky

You know how I feel about abandoned malls, and now photographer/filmmaker Michael Galinsky has stirred something in me again with his snapshots taken inside the buzzing shopping centers of the late 80s. The series, the result of a photography project he completed while attending NYU in 1989, has recently been published by Steidl in a book titled Malls Across America. It is currently backordered on Amazon.

The photos remind me a lot of the work of Stephen Shore and William Eggleston, known for their documentation of mundane middle America in the early 70s---Galinsky's subject a manufactured town center where the young and old congregate to shop, stroll, and slack together. They all capture the completely ordinary, narrowing their focus on regular people going about their lives, finding something special in those instants.

- Cathleen 

[Photos courtesy of Steidl and Yahoo]

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