Monday, September 10, 2012

Ghost Malls

Abandoned malls. After discovering these photos on Death and Taxes a couple weeks ago, there has been something about the images that I haven't been able to shake. The fact that these meccas of consumerism, these temples to consumption, once teeming with shoppers and the hot pretzel sellers who fed them, now lay dormant, just catches in my chest. Dry fountains devoid of glittering pennies, empty benches where families once agreed to meet in an hour, the dead neon signs and funky 80s and early 90s architecture. I love and loathe it all. 

- Cathleen

[Shout out to Jenny Morgan for spotting this one first.]


  1. I always want to find these abandoned buildings that other people photograph. I guess there isn't much of that around DC. I need to travel to areas of the country that have been really affected by the failing economy.

  2. the deep south! or PA! if you need something closer. Allentown? more like Ghostown!


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