Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to Polish Silver - The Definitive Guide

That's right, I said it: The DEFINITIVE Guide (Cue dooming music).
My Survey of Silver professor is renown for her expertise in all things silver. Here is her guide to taking care of the delicate silver you may own.

When you've found that your silver is in need of polishing use an old white linen tablecloth and a chalk based polish like Wrights or Goddards. Once you've finished polishing the silver give it a nice rinse in distilled water.

Never put your silver in a dishwasher!
If you see that you need a brush to polish your silver don't use an old toothbrush, use a horsehair bristle brush. This is the most gentle on easily dent-able silver.

Remember, silver polish is a mild abrasive so when you polish you are actually removing some of the silver molecules.

Always handle silver with gloved hands. Never rubber gloves! Rubber is toxic to silver. Wear nitrile gloves. Latex and vinyl are also rubber so don't expose your silver to either of these materials.

If you have an old piece of silver and you notice that is has little black splotches on it- this is a good thing! It means your silver is old. The silver is so old that the silver has been worn away in some places. Treat silver in this state with extra caution and whatever you do - don't get new silver electroplated over the piece.

So---if you've read this far, you're nuts!!

Any tips or tricks you may have when keeping your silver in tip top shape?

- Grace

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