Friday, September 7, 2012

Kukstis Woodcarving

When we vacationed in Kennebunkport the past two summers, I was in awe of the beautiful New England architecture. I had always heard people say New England was a special place, but for me it took seeing to believing. 

The private homes are so gorgeous. 

The blend of American colonial style and neoclassical makes for a style that is uniquely American. 

I wanted to try and bring the Maine flavor back to Maryland with me. One of the houses' elements that 
is easily replicable back home are all the gorgeous hand-carved house number plaques. 

Kukstis Woodcarving in Massachusetts can help you with all of your woodcarving needs. 
In addition to a wide variety of carved number plaques, artist Paul also makes and sells business signs, gorgeous carved eagles, fierce whales and I'm sure anything else you ask him to carve for you! 

I am such a fan of his work and as soon as I scrounge up the bucks I will be ordering a new house number for our home. 

- Grace

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