Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vietnam War - Photos by a soldier

My father, Robert W. Searby, served with the 101st Airborne Division during Vietnam and was stationed right on the border of North and South Vietnam for about a year.  He and his unit were in the thick of it, holding defensive positions and keeping the North Vietnamese from crossing down into US defended territory.

In retrospect, I think most people now recognize the unfair treatment of soldiers by the media at that time. Vietnam was portrayed as a hell hole and a place where Americans were murdering innocents.  It was war, awful and unfortunate things happen during war, but there was a side to our troops, the Vietnamese people and the landscape that was all but ignored.  This series of images are a selection from my father's photographs that he took the time to shoot during the war. They aren't images of death and despair, but rather the beauty of the South Vietnamese people and the country they were dying to save...and eventually lost.

A working Steam Engine in 1970

Tracers from an M60

Dad in a grotto


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