Thursday, February 6, 2014

Alice Revans

Yesterday I was thinking about my paternal grandmother, a woman I never got to meet. If she were alive today she'd be 104.
Alice Revans 1910, Manhattan

Here's a picture of her in Manhattan in 1910, the year she was born. I don't know much about my grandmother. She married my grandfather, an Irish immigrant when she was just 20 years old. She had my father 9 months later and then when she was 22 she died two weeks after giving birth to a girl who died right after childbirth. 

Alice Revans, center with X on neck, wearing a swim cap. Manhattan nineteen teens.

Growing up we never referred to her as grandmother or grandma, we always called her Alice Revans (her maiden last name), even my father called her that since he could barely remember her. My father didn't know much about his mom and was chided when he asked questions as a boy. 

Alice Revans, Second from Left. Died at age 22.

And even though I know pretty much nothing about my grandmother I've always had profound respect for her. I've imagined her into a strong, fierce, and stylish woman. I think the not knowing makes her that much more interesting. With all the mystery that surrounds this woman, her abbreviated life, and the fact that my father was her only heir it was a natural choice that my daughter would carry her namesake. In honor of my mysterious grandmother I named my daughter Clementine Alice and I couldn't be more pleased with the decision. 

- Grace

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  1. i loooove this post, grace! such great photos too. thanks for sharing!!


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