Thursday, February 20, 2014

On My Travels...

I estate sale. I estate sale hard. I've strapped my daughter (when she was an infant, obviously) onto my front in a Bjorn, taken a number, got in line, and then pushed my way through an entire house. I'm not scared. One of the best things about living in DC is all of the amazing homes that have been closed for years and years and years and once in a while get opened up for an estate sale. DC is a special place because of all the government workers. You will see a lot of old flags, military uniforms, official certificates etc... Amazing what a family will choose to sell when their loved one passes. 

Anyway, this past weekend I went to an estate sale in Potomac, MD. Here's what I snagged:

Some vintage dishtowels. I love vintage dishtowels! They are cute, durable, inexpensive, and often overlooked by a picker looking to turn a big buck. 

These flannel ticking sheets. Gorgeous! I know for some people sheets seem like a bad idea because of bed bugs, but I gauge linens based on the house. If the house is clean, in a good area, and free of smoke smells etc... I'll snag some sheets. Bed bugs aren't a problem in the DC suburbs. These sheets however, had a BIG yellow stain on the fitted sheet when I opened them at home (my bad for not unfolding them at the sale). Thank-God for Oxyclean though. That stain came right out. Now they are on my son's bed and he loves them! 

These vintage Thermoses. Aren't they adorbs?! They were $6 for the pair. They're in excellent condition and seal up perfectly. This is my kind of find. I can sell them for a profit and ship them easily.

And this hat! It's real fur, although I don't know what kind of fur. It's super warm and fabulous!

This Danish Boomerang desk. I didn't buy it because they were asking over $2,000 for it. But if I had the money, I would've. The desk was gorgeous and in mint condition. It has two locking doors and is a hot mid-century item. 

Happy Hunting, Readers!



  1. Grace, do you have a website you get updates on when estate sales happen or do you just check craigslist. As soon as we finally buy a house, I plan on hitting up estate sales, you seemed to have a real knack.. Also are you hardcore and go at zero dark thirty?

  2. Hi Kathleen, I'm signed up for a service that emails you a list of the local sales every week. It's called estate I also follow signs if I see them posted.

  3. I only go early when doors open if I know there's something there I really want otherwise I wait until the second day. I used to go first thing but I don't have the energy for that anymore.


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