Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Short Film of the Month- The Flying Man

Grace and I have switched days so now I will be the Tuesday poster.  I also wanted to do my Short Film post the last week of every month but that hasn't really worked out so now I am going to attempt the first Tuesday of the month.
Here is the next installment:

Superhero/Comic book movies are the big thing in Hollywood right now.  They have become a legitimate genre and with the help of the great Christopher Nolan, are award winning serious drama/actions.
This short film attempts to explore how a super powerful vigilante would actually be viewed (and feared) by the general public as well as the media.  It is under 10 minutes but within this short time frame it builds a very interesting story with some impressive CGI.  I would love to see this adapted to a full length thriller.
Man of Steel had a similar theme of humans fearing the unknown super being and I am curious if Zack Snyder saw this short before making his blockbuster.  I like this take on superhero movies because if I ever saw a dude who could fly, had the strength of a hundred men and could shoot heat rays from his eyes I would certainly be frightened and suspicious.

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