Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beautiful Knives

Whether you are camping, hiking, sitting in an office or cleaning around the house, the most essential everyday tool is a knife.  I carry a knife with me daily and have three I interchange---one clip-on flip type, a smaller pocket knife, and a large survival knife.  Depending on what I am wearing and/or doing dictates which knife I carry. They are extraordinarily useful and I end up using it for something nearly everyday.  My knives are mostly functional and don't look all too pretty but, with the help of Pinterest, I have stumbled onto some amazingly designed and beautiful blades.

First are my three knives:
John Wayne Knife- good for suits

I carry this most
Bear Grylls survival blade- awesome knife for camping

Here are some of the more attractive knives I have found and would love to own (several from Best Made Co.):

This is all about the sheath

Classic and cheap Opinel

Best Made Co.

Best Made Co.

Cuff links 

Best Made Co.

Best Made Co.



  1. What knife do you find most useful for camping. P is trying to slowly build up our camping supplies so we can do more trips. Also you should do a post on tents...

  2. That's a good idea about tents and could help me learn a little more about the best options. As far as a knife goes for camping that Bear Grylls one of mine I put on there is great. For knives in general, it's all about what each person likes and the quality of the of the blade. For camping, I think you want a slightly large more durable blade with a half serrated edge and a fire starter rod just in case. I also recommend a sheathed blade, not a flip out kind because camping is dirty and muddy and you don't want to have to worry about getting crud in the mechanism. There is also not many things cooler than having such a thing strapped to your belt. If you could find that one from the first image on this post I would be jealous.


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