Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow, Love, and Traditions

So, just in case Valentine's Day isn't fun enough, this year we received a foot of snow and two days off school. (Which means that Dan is home with us!) We were feeling so darn festive that we went around yesterday wishing each other "Happy Valentine's Day Eve!" all day long. 

After the second band of snow hit us...

You'd think that with all this extra time, I'd have gotten around to making all the Valentines that I'd planned to make with my little darlings, but alas. I did manage to get all the supplies for our annual VDay breakfast of pancakes, strawberries, and whipped cream (aptly renamed by Dash as Strawberry ShortpanCakes). Before I go to bed, I always set the table and place some kind of tiny Valentine's treat on their plates so everyone has something to wake up to.

Apparently, our children have taken this tradition to heart because our daughters got up in the middle of the night to set the table as a surprise and deliver the Valentines that they made on the sly.

Sweet and sarcastic all in one go- that's our daughter.

I hope your day is full of chocolate and pink and sweet expressions of love from all your favorite people. It's not even 9am and my heart is already full up.

Happy Lovey Weekend, Friends!

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  1. this is just the sweetest thing, alissa! i also love getting a peek into you guys' lives. (is that the proper usage of "you guys' "? yeah, i think so.) thanks for sharing!


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