Friday, February 28, 2014

Mother Inadequacy

Just when I'm humming along, thinking I've mostly got it together as a mother, I stumble upon something on the interwebs that exposes me for the mom-hack that I am. For the past two days, this article has been making the rounds, showing up mothers everywhere. It's about a mother, Angie, that has been making paper dresses with her daughter Mayhem and the whole series is so cute and inspiring.

The project started as an effort to keep Mayhem from "borrowing" her mother's clothes for dress up. The dresses have evolved from ripped paper creations to full-on homages to celebrity dresses and designers. And while the fashion admirer in me loves the runway and red carpet interpretations, (how can you not love a mini Jennifer Lawrence?) I adore the ones that look like the main designing was done by Mayhem. 

They're so sweet and playful and full of her personality. And they make me feel like maybe I could attempt something like this with my daughters. Without all of us ending up in tears.

Happy Weekend, Friends!


  1. I saw a blog post on this woman, I snorted, I shook my head, and quickly clicked out of it before I started to get any notion that I could possibly pull this off. My kids quickly understand how much I hate paper...their crafts they bring home from school get to stick around for maybe an hour before they hit the trash. Particularly sweet ones get to go on the fridge....for a week or so.

  2. I like the idea but am horrified that this woman named her daughter Mayhem, a synonym for chaos! Holy moly that has to be one of the worst baby name picks of all time.


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