Friday, May 16, 2014

New/Old Mirror

I've heard a saying, "If you want to get shiz done, throw a party." (I might be paraphrasing here.) Anyway, it's true. Last week was a whirlwind here at Casa de Lively: finding a First Communion dress at the last second, cleaning like a madwoman, and getting ready for a post Communion shindig. But it did force me to complete a couple of languishing projects, which was a win.

The biggest project was an old frame that our friend Anne-Marie had given me. Unfortunately, the only "before" shot is 
one with the frame in the background. But it can double as a "gratuitous cute baby" photo:

You can't really see the dental detailing but it's pretty.
And also, look at that little thumb-sucker! So cute!

Anne-Marie said to paint over the white and gold because it looked trashy... at the same moment I said it was pretty. (Hint: I'm the one bringing the class to this friendship.) A-M counseled me to repeat the grey that I used for the backs of my bookshelves and hang it vertically over my couch. Genius! I got glass cut to fit the frame and did a quick DIY antiqued mirror look which I regret slightly. Not because it's not a cool look, but the execution was poor and now I'm going to have to redo it. 

But it did the trick in a pinch and filled the vast vacuum of space over our sofa:

That crooked lampshade makes me INSANE.

We'll see how long I can live with it before I freak out, scrape off all the paint, and redo the darn thing. 
Probably quite a while: complacency sets in pretty quick around here. 

Happy Weekend, Friends!

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