Friday, May 23, 2014

Getting in the Swim

Today is opening day at our pool and although I won't be getting within an Olympic regulation distance of the water, I have been scoping out suits for a while now. First things first, you know.

Grace tipped me off to this beauty that I've been dreaming about for weeks... 
Nanette Lepore

...but then I saw this one at Anthro and I'm torn...

Nanette Lepore

AAAAANNDD... J.Crew's got some winners as usual but this one KILLS me...


...and Johanna posted this one yesterday, so I'm reconsidering...

Mara Hoffman

...and Seafolly has the CUTEST big floral that is just so ironically sweet...


As you can tell, I'm a one-piece kind of girl- no bikinis on this list. My apologies to anyone with a figure that can pull them off. 

Any thoughts? Advise? Suggestions? I'd love some input here because I'm paralyzed by indecision.

Happy Swimmy Weekend, Friends!


  1. I can totally see you in the Antro one, plus while holding a little one at the pool you may not want to go completely strapless...unless you are into scandalizing all the babes at the pool.

    1. Oh, Katie, ALL of those come with a strap option. This girl is OVER strapless everything. I think I'm getting too old. Or Boring. Or both.

  2. I like the Anthropologie one or the Floral Halter suit for you ... But that is because I love the support of a halter. I cannot do strapless. I actually got two new suits this summer because mine old one have been stretched out.. Mine are not has cool but they are very flattering and functional.. Here's one of them... I wanted the polka dot but it's was sold out.. nautical stripes it is..

  3. Ps can we talk about how bad JCrew is at hiding how much the edit thigh fat on their swim suit models... shameless..


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