Friday, May 9, 2014

First Communion Issues

Tomorrow is Alissa's daughter's First Communion and Alissa and I have spent the last YEAR agonizing over finding the perfect dress for her daughter. This might seem weird since it's Alissa'a daughter making her First Communion and not mine BUT Clementine makes her First Communion next year and I like to be prepared. Anyway let me just put it this way, there are NO good First Communion dress options on the market. They're all either too shiny, or too pedestrian. I brought up my problem to a mom at the school I teach at who has impeccable taste and she recommended looking at Oscar de la Renta's Special Occasion line for girls. HOLY MOLY! Finally a little inspiration on the First Communion dress front. Check out the two I found that Alissa and I both love:

Snowflake Flower Girl Dress
Oscar de la Renta

Yep, that's right, $790. OUCH! I just heard my wallet scream.

Swiss Dot Dress with Lace Trim
Oscar de la Renta

My wallet is still screaming. This picture doesn't do the second dress justice. It's swiss dot and has a delicate lace trim. Check out Oscar de la Renta's website for close ups. 
Hear me out though! When I made my First Communion in 1989 my mom borrowed a dress from a friend that I HATED and I felt ugly. And even though my mom died 20 years ago I am still a little resentful of that dress. I think it would be worth spending the money on a dress this special. Also, I could sell the dress on Ebay right after and make at least half of my money back so say I spent $800, after I sold it I'd really have only spent $400.... are you with me people? 

Great! It's settled then!

And even though I'm not much of a Throwback Thursday kinda gal I had to post them gems from my youth:

Me, May 1989 at home after my First Communion. Thanks mom, still pissed 25 years later. 

And even better! My sister after her First Communion. This wasn't her actual First Communion this was like the weekend after. My mom made us get dressed up again to take photos. My sister had an ear ache and this picture is just too perfect. The rest of the series are actually better because my sister looks even more pissed. And yes, I'm the one with the huge mop of brown hair on the left. 

Happy Friday!


  1. Unless you are planning on an Oscar de la Rental I am very much against this plan. Not that I have ever been able to stop you from purchasing dresses.

  2. Womp womp, Brian. Too funny.

    I love this plan, I'm just that Grace only found these dresses yesterday. (And, yeah, this plan would never fly with DJ.)

  3. That was pretty bad but had to. But seriously....we aren't getting one of those.

  4. I think a mother with like 6 daughters might be able to justify it. I actually found a couple of beautiful dresses but not where you'd expect. Amazon.. In the end we borrowed a Strasburg 1st Communion Dress from my sister. It's lovely and simple but unfortunately they don't make it anymore..


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