Friday, March 14, 2014

In the Bleak Midwinter?

Although we're less than a week away from the vernal equinox, the DC area is still trudging through winter with scattered 60 degree days sent to torment us. My spouse slash personal weatherman informed me today that, in addition to the possibility of shovel-able snow come Sunday night, all the long range weather models are predicting a horrendously wintry April. (My adjectives, not the weatherpeople's.)

In all the gloom, I do have one ray of sunshine: my snow boots. After too much emotional deliberation, I bought them. They were selling out everywhere and I panicked. I bought them full price AND paid shipping (both of which are anathema to me) and I'm so happy that I did. I've barely taken them off my feet since they arrived a month and a half ago, so I already feel like I've gotten my money's worth. And considering how unlikely an end of winter seems, I'm even happier that I took the plunge.

It's really hard to take pictures of your own boots...

So, here's the lowdown: these boots are THE most comfortable pair of shoes that I own. They're incredibly warm and I can stand in them all day. I was concerned about the high heel issue but after wearing them constantly I can honestly say that it will be a long while before I purchase another pair of flats. I feel so great in these boots and because they're a little higher, I feel instantly dressed up. Not to mention they give me several inches which, at 5'2", I can definitely use.
 AND they're great for walking in the snow and slush.

Seriously, look at that tread. I will never slip AGAIN.

So, all around, these may be my greatest shoe purchase EVER. Knowing that I've got them to keep me warm almost leaves me unphased about this eternal winter. 


Enjoy this Spring Fakeout Weekend, my friends. Because you know this chill is coming back on Sunday!

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