Friday, January 17, 2014

Moral Quandary

So, we're firmly into the season of inclement weather and I have yet to be prepared with warm footwear. Again. I've been scouring for cozy yet not-hideous boots and I found an amazing pair. Unfortunately, they come with a dilemma: they're wedges.

Joan of Arctic Wedge
The reviews I've read say they're super comfortable and grippy so I'm not concerned about functionality. What I am concerned about is being that girl that wears heels regardless of the propriety of the situation. That girl

But they're so beautiful! And they kind of touch on the combat boot trend without going all the way over into combat boot territory. And they're wedges, which is a pro in this paragraph because I'm really short. 

So, I'm torn. Any advice from anyone? Should I just go for it? Throw caution to the wind or hold out for something more sensible? Actually, I think I just talked myself into them. Thanks, friends! Y'all are the best.

Happy Weekend!


  1. I think you should get them. I always wish I was the girl who wore heels to inappropriate events. I know several of those women and they always look fab.

  2. They're coming on Thursday!!! I can't even think straight, I'm so excited.


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