Thursday, January 23, 2014

Viking Beer Mug

Viking Mug

I have always wanted to learn more about wood working  It is one of those skills that is acquired by owning the proper tools as well as trial and error.  I have made a few things in the past, but I really want to try more, and this project seems perfect for beginners.  The only tools required are a hatchet and knife (I would use some other power tools to assist me at times).
Here is the link to the full instruction, but I will also post a few images so you can see a summary of the process.

Start with a solid, knotless log with a diameter that measures the same as your hand (top of wrist to tips of fingers).

The trick is to "hollow" out the log by means of splitting.  You split into 8 sections and then trim each of those wedges down from the inside, all while keeping the outer shape of the log the same.

Wedges reassembled and tied.

Find branch for handle.

Trace out shape of mug and cut a piece of wood to fit snugly inside for the base.

As you can see in the image, you need to cut notches into the wood so the straps or rope fit tightly and creates a tighter seal.
In the online instructions, he seals the cracks with a resin called propolis, but also points out that you can soak it after assembly which then will expand the wood and seal itself after drying.  That is what I plan to do.
When I make my own, I will post the results on S&A....hopefully it won't be one of those Pinterest fails.

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