Monday, January 27, 2014

Artwork of the Week: Flowers for Susie

Flowers for Susie by Lulie Wallace
acrylic on birch wood panel, 16 x 20"

It was warm enough to pull on sweatshirts and go for a walk outside yesterday. It felt like spring was on the edge of the breeze as we bounded up and down the hills in our neighborhood. I even saw a few little shoots peeking out of a flower bed or two. Obviously these expectations will all come back to bite me when the temperature drops down below freezing again in a couple of days. It is still January after all. I get so sad seeing those premature pops of bright green on the ground knowing that those early buds will soon catch cold, some of their lives stamped out before they even had the chance to stretch and grow.

Let's shake off that morbid thought, shall we? This painting is an early shot of springtime in the face of the gloom that February probably still has in store for us. Lulie Wallace is a painter based in Charleston, SC who also produces some pretty textiles and lunch boxes. You can see more of her work on her website:

- Cathleen 

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