Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ettore Guatelli Museum

I found this private museum over the weekend while Grace and I were doing our weekly Saturday morning internet surfing.  We usually kick the kids down stairs, force them to watch tv and try to get a little peace.  It doesn't always work perfectly but it's become our thing when we have the occasional free weekend.
The Ettore Guatelli Museum is located in Parma, Italy.  It houses a collection of roughly 60,000 "everyday" items arranged throughout the building in complex and interesting displays.  Grace pointed out that it wouldn't be as impressive if the items were not organized and displayed in the manner you see in some of these photos but that's what makes it such a great place.  Finding beauty in the mundane is nothing new but the shear size of the collection and the commitment they undoubtedly have to keep it organized and interesting is amazing.



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