Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Totally Clawsome

I very much like this bracelet. 
It's hand forged from the pincers of an actual crab, you guys. It comes in brass for $55 and sterling silver for $125 and is made to order by Brooklyn-based Lauren Newton of The Green Glass Door. I haven't worn a stitch of jewelry in months, for fear that it will either scratch my kid up when I am trying to change him, or that said kid will rip it off me like a mugger on a subway platform. (That happened to me and a pair of $5 sunglasses once! True story! The bandit's fingers raked through my hair, grabbed my glasses, and slipped out the closing doors before I could even whelp. Trauma.) But all of this is just to say that I would seriously consider wearing jewelry again for these little guys, baby maiming and mugging be damned.

- Cathleen 

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