Friday, January 24, 2014

Southwest Envy?

I'm almost always 100% convinced that being an East Coaster is the best. I love the Atlantic Ocean, I love having cities packed up and down the coast, and I love, Love, LOVE seasons. I'm firmly entrenched on this side of the country and I feel good about that.

Cleo and Clementine- photo by Christine
Cleo and Clementine shop- image by Christine

 But every once in a while, my conviction gets a little shaken. I have several friends (and friends of friends) that live in Phoenix, Arizona and through them I get glimpses of what the other side is like. They go swimming on Christmas, they have peach trees in their backyards, and their city is packed with amazing places and fun things to do.

Mint Deco Inspired Geometric Hand Pleated Sweetheart Floor Length Tulle Wedding Gown

Sleeved Geometric Cutout Floor Length Maxi Dress- OMG!

The latest lure for me is a shop called Cleo and Clementine. It is a bespoke dress shop by Monique Sandoval that specializes in gowns and wedding dresses that have officially blown my mind. Ms. Sandoval's designs have a classic feel but still KILL it in the modern and edgy department.

Deep V Neck Floor Length A Line Tiered Tulle Wedding Dress

And she uses tulle like crazy. And SEQUINS! Ahhh, it's my best life ever in dress form(s). Does it seem ridiculous that I rethink my commitment to a region of the country based on a dress shop in another region of the country? Maybe. Am I concerned about my apparent fickleness? Not really. Is Cleo now in the running as a future child name? Possibly. Do I need to incorporate some tulle into my wardrobe immediately? DEFINITELY.

Have a sparkly, gauzy, floaty weekend, Friends! I know I will be.

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