Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Old Ads

I am curious how Pep and Corn-Soya tasted 
I work for an auction house and we get a whole lot of stuff....tons and tons of stuff.  The items with the highest value get sent to auction, the next level down goes to our consignment shop and then there is a lot left over that is both junk and sometimes cool collectibles that are sold for cheap at the "attic auctions".  Grace loves rummaging through it all but especially loves to find interesting items at these attic auctions so she can resell them.  One time she had me buy a couple boxes of very old Home and Gardens, Saturday Evening Posts and a few other known magazines.  I didn't think too much of them but when I browsed through a couple I noticed how amazing the old advertisements were.  They were all hand drawn and very unique.   One thing you will notice in almost all of them is how text heavy they are.  This changed during the 60's (I know cause I watched Mad Men).  Make sure to click each one to view them enlarged so you can see all the detail.

John Hancock Insurance

This is one of my favorites

Ads were very text heavy before the 60's

Pontiac used to have an awesome logo

It's odd to see someone smoking in a ad

Great Movie. I love how much they used to try and fit in ads back then

This one is great because the sweater on the left (the bad one) looks so much nicer to the modern eye

All I can think is Nazi Battery

This is just plain awesome....I love that phone guy

Aw yes....Lucky Strikes

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