Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In My Art Room... Papier Mache Bugs!

I'm a huge fan of the art teacher blog: plbrown@blogspot.com. She has amazing projects and is a big fan of papier mache, one of my personal favorite mediums. I snagged this project from her and I am super pleased with the results! 

These are the forms I prepared for my second graders. I just taped one crumpled up piece of newspaper to the top of a toilet paper roll. I then cut the toilet paper roll in half. For the next batch I made I cut the roll in half before I put the newspaper on.

Then I let the kids papier mache them. I use a flour/water mix for papier mache. Papier mache-ing with kids can be challenging--for best results do a long demonstration and keep appropriate expectations.

After they dried we painted the bodies and then decorated them with googly eyes, puff balls, pipe cleaners, and paper. Out of 40 kids, only 7 finished on the decorating day. I'll take a better picture of a close up when I'm in school next. We're currently snowed in AGAIN here in DC... ugh! 

In the meantime though these little bugs are getting me ready for Spring!


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