Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Make a Beer(soda) Tote

Beer Tote
I am no master wood worker, I am barely an amateur.  In fact, I shouldn't even use the word woodworker when talking about the things I have made.  Regardless, I love making things out of wood and am slowly getting better.
I found this little project online a couple years ago and ended up making one for my brother as a Christmas gift.  He likes it but probably rarely uses it.  It's a wooden beer tote with a handy little bottle opener on the side.  I used mainly scrap wood which meant it was cheap and I picked up that bottle opener from World Market. The image above is the one I made but here is the link to the plans as well as a photo of their tote.
The New Hobbyist
Theirs has cleaner cuts but I am going to make another one for myself and hopefully I can improve. If you are looking for a fun project and/or want to give someone a handmade gift, this one is easy and useful. Would be perfect for someone that is really into craft beers.
Here are some more details images of the one I made.

And here is a really cool bottle holder I found on Pinterest but don't really know where to buy it.


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