Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fitbit: An Update

Happy first day of Spring! That doesn't mean much in DC right now as we were doused with snow again on Monday. As a warm weather junkie my fingers are crossed that that is the end of the winter weather. 
I wanted to update you all on my Fitbit. I've had it for 20 days now and I am hooked! Here's what you need to know. 

1. No, I have not gotten a rash from the band.I'm addressing this first because so many people ask me that. 
2. I love my Fitbit. So when I first heard about it I thought, who in the hell is going to pay $100 for a pedometer... but the truth is it's so much more than that. Yes, it tells me how many steps I took but it also counts my calories, counts how many ounces of water I've had, tracks my active minutes verses inactive minutes of walking, and it also has a sleep tracker. 

3. How does it work? Well you wear the bracelet which has a little black chip thing inside of it, the chip thing is what does all the work. 
4. It syncs up to your smart phone and computer so you can log on, enter your foods, and check your status throughout the day. 
5. The calorie counting is like Weight Watchers but on your arm! And without the monthly fee! 
6. If you tap the Fitbit twice it lights up with colored dots, each dot represents 2,000 steps. So if you've taken 4,000 steps two lights will appear. It lights up to 10,000 steps but all steps past that are noted on your phone or computer. Once I got over 15,000 steps. It was an awesome day!

7. It tracks your sleep. What does this mean? You wear the band to bed and right before you turn in for the night you type into your smart phone that you're going to sleep now. It tracks how long it took you to fall asleep and then how you slept throughout the night. Dark blue means you were asleep, light blue means restless, and pink means awake. I was sick last night so as you can see I had several minutes of restlessness peppered throughout the night. 
8. The Fitbit needs to be charged every other day for about 30 minutes. I do this at night after I've got my 10,000 steps in and am chilling with my husband watching TV.

I've already lost about 2 pounds using the Fitbit. The Fitbit works for me because I'm a numbers person, I like seeing how much weight I want to lose and what amount of calories I can eat to achieve that weight. I'm also a notorious overeater and the Fitbit has helped me realize that the delicious little Mini Reeses Cup has 44 calories in it... yep. 

So if you're a left brained, process oriented, numbers person the Fitbit is an awesome choice to get you ready for swim season! 


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