Friday, March 28, 2014


As I suspected last Friday, my little chair is languishing unpainted because I was distracted by another unfinished project. In our house we have a serious book to space-for-books imbalance. We've been addressing this problem by storing all our children's books on one big shelf in a closet. If you've had any contact with any child ever, you can imagine how successful this arrangement has been. I'd show you a picture but it is so embarrassing that I can't bear to.

So, when I came across this link on the interwebs, I decided to jump on it. And by "jump on it", I mean "think about it for a couple of months, buy the supplies and let them sit for a couple months, finally get started, and then take another couple months to finish". Which is exactly what I did. And I'm actually cheating because this project is still not officially completed as I have two more ledges to put up. But I'm going with it anyway. So, here is the half-finished solution to my book conundrum:

The love of reading starts early around here.

They're definitely not perfect but right now they're doing the trick. If I did this again, (which is a distinct possibility because books seem to reproduce exponentially in this house) I'd borrow a friend's circular saw and cut down the 2x4's myself. Those uneven edges make me a teeny bit crazy every time I see them.

I'm convinced they'll always look this neat.

So, next week, possibly a painted pink chair? Or maybe a refinished ceiling fan? Or a reupholstered Louis chair? Who knows! 
My project ADD knows no bounds. 

Happy Weekend, Friends!

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