Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Projecting...

Spring is here! Well, at least it's supposed to be: yesterday was the official first day of spring and it did bring temperatures of over 50 degrees! And although we're supposed to get another arctic blast next Tuesday and Wednesday, I'm going to lean into spring and pretend that it is here to stay.

In other words, bring on the spring cleaning and the new projects! Or maybe I should say spring cleaning and the completion of projects that coughed and sputtered over the past three months. In order to stay motivated, I thought I'd start sharing the projects with our S&A buds so I can prove that I've actually accomplished something in my life. 

So, my first project is a mini-one: I received a singleton chair from my grandmother's estate recently and I'd been at a loss as to what to do with it. The paint was a dirtied artichoke green and not very charming with the mustard yellow velvet.

The Chair: primed and sanded
Luckily, my interior designer friend Anne-Marie saved me once again. I'd been contemplating just painting the wood white to go in my daughters' room but she said it would look too unspecial. (Anne-Marie definitely said something more elegant than "unspecial"- because she's not a clown like me.) She suggested that I paint it the pale pink that is already present in the girl's room- that way it would look intentional and the cooler pink would offset the warm mustard.

Of course, she's a genius and solves all my design problems and I think she's hit the nail on the head once again.

The Seat after I cleaned it up with G's favorite: Folex!

So, I'm hoping that I'll have a finished chair to report back to you next Friday. Either that or another project that distracted me from this one! Either way, it will mean productivity in the Lively house!

Happy Project-y Weekend, Friends!

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