Thursday, July 31, 2014

Items Every Man Should Own

This isn't my list but all this stuff and the image is awesome.

I have seen these lists before and am usually annoyed by them.  I recently saw this ONE at a site called ManMade (which is a decent website) but ended up feeling the same. These lists annoy me because I either don't agree with their choices or get frustrated with people determining what a "man" should be and mostly getting it wrong.  I am by no means the perfect man or think I hold the secret to being that perfect man, but since I have seen these things for a while and always seem to get upset, I figure it's time for my own. If you are going to make a list like this it shouldn't have things that all humans need but rather things that make a man well rounded and useful.  A pencil and notebook is great (for people with hands and eyes), sunglasses are handy (not necessary), a living plant is wonderful and learning how to garden is a great skill (not a manly necessity), a library card (sure, but that's not unique to being a man), an umbrella (honestly, I pride myself on NOT owning an umbrella).

My list is more about what I personally believe every man should own, but this doesn't mean that if you don't have everything then you are not a real man. What makes a man a man (in my mind) is his usefulness to others around him. I also think that everything on this list can be for women as well but, as a man, I can really only speak to what WE should definitely possess.  I don't have all of these items yet either (wish I did), and most of the images aren't exactly what I have but are just examples.

So here it is:

 A Knife- This is the ultimate tool. You should always have a knife handy.  There is never a time when a knife or multi-tool being around isn't a smart move. 

Boots- I personally like to wear boots all the time so having a pair for the outdoors and regular daily use is important. As long as you have a pair of boots that are durable, you are good to go.  I am forced to wear nicer more delicate clothing at times, but I prefer to have clothes that can take a serious beating.  Also, boots just have a tough look to them that will make you feel like you can get anything done at any time.  

An Axe- If you know me then you knew this was coming and you are probably surprised I didn't have it at the top. I have posted about the importance of axes before, but seriously...if you are a man you HAVE TO HAVE ONE.  Even if you don't chop and burn firewood regularly, they are a vital tool for emergencies, clearing over-growth, and camping.

Durable Bag- This isn't my exact bag, but every man should own a durable pack. On the ManMade link they talk about a weekend bag, which was essentially a purse.  I am talking about a bag that can take a serious beating and hold anything from clothing to survival gear to toiletries to diapers, and will last you the rest of your life.  It should be good enough for a weekend trip or a 3 month journey. Grace hates my "raggy bag" but I'll be damned if that thing ever gets thrown out.

A Gun- It's my personal belief that everyone should own their own gun. That gun can stay locked away and never looked at, in a place that is accessible in case of emergency and used only for that purpose, or used on a regular basis for sport.  I respect people who do not like guns and will never own one, but I think that every man (especially those with families) should learn how to properly operate, fire, care for and own a gun in order to protect themselves and those dear to them...if need be.  In fact, men and women alike should all know how to use one properly in case something happens and you end up with one in your hands during a life threatening emergency. You are not less of a man if you do not own a firearm, but at least learn how to handle and shoot one properly. 

Drill- Many tools are useful but this is one that is absolutely necessary.

A power saw of some kind- It could be a table saw, round saw, band saw, miter saw--any kind of cutting tool that can cut and trim wood to size.  You don't have to know how to build a deck or shed, but you will most definitely need this tool for repairing things around the house. Also, once you own tools like this you will want to use them more and learn more. 

Chainsaw- Much like the saws above, this is probably not something you will be using all the time but when a tree falls in your yard, you will wish you had one. And really nothing is quite as manly as the sound it makes and the power you wield when operating one of these bad boys.

Baseball Glove/Mitt- Mine was torn to pieces by my dog so I currently do not have a glove, but every red-blooded American man should own one.  Even if you aren't into baseball, you should have one just in case. 

Fishing Rod- If you don't know how to fish, you should learn.  I rarely go fishing and I just own a little spinning rod, but you should have one just to make you want to go fishing. Much like a gun, this is a skill every man should learn.  I often dream of fly fishing in Montana.

Hammer- You should have an ever-expanding set of tools, but the hammer is vital and will be used in almost every project. Buy a good one that will last because you will always need it. One of my hammers just got stolen so I am pissed.  But I have two more.  So really, every man should have multiple hammers.

Sports Hat- Most people have a hat, but every man should own one for their favorite team. This is for all the times you need a hat outdoors as well as when you undoubtedly go to a game and you need to support your team.  Make sure you wear a crappy one to a hockey game just in case there's a hat trick. Having a good hat is obvious, but it must be on the list.

Lighter- You don't have to smoke to own a permanent lighter.  Fire starting is important in many applications and why not have a long lasting sturdy lighter that can be used around the house, camping, or in an emergency.  I have the one above which is also the Zippo Indiana Jones used. It was given to me by my buddy, Phil over a decade ago and it's always in my "raggy bag." 

A Football- Another thing that my damn dog destroyed not too long ago, so I currently don't have a football.  It kind of hurts every time I think about it.  Much like a baseball glove, this item is vital to being an American man.

The last thing I will add is not a thing but rather a skill every man should most definitely possess.  All men have to know how to drive a manual transmission vehicle. This is not a suggestion and if you don't already know, never tell anyone and quickly learn. I beg this of you.  I once sprained both my ankles (that's right...I said both) at the same time and the guy I was with (I will not mention his name) could not drive me and my car home. If you are reading this blog you know exactly who you are and I still curse you for it. 

That's my list and I am sticking to it. But I would love to hear any suggestions and additions in the comments below.



  1. Uh Oh, P needs to acquire a few of these... but he'd probably tell you every man should also own a Seersucker Suit and a nice pair of cuff links...

  2. He would say that! The man can rock a seersucker. There are definitely a lot of things like certain suits, a tux, types of ties and shoes that men need and should have but my list is all about things that fit in my philosophy of a man's usefulness to people in his life. Also, many of these things are meant to broaden his skill sets. The hat is the only one that is just for himself but even that is for supporting a team.


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