Thursday, July 10, 2014

Currently On My Mind

Here's a sampling of the things I've currently been coveting:

Nautical Knots Coasters By Smathers & Branson
Adorbs! Can be purchased here.

Whale Handcrafted Hook Pillow

Can be purchased here. Would be perfect for Clementine's room!

Leonard Everett Fisher

This beautiful graphic alphabet poster. Can't be purchased anywhere... boo hoo. I have ways to get around that though. 

Krass & Co. 
Classica Lobster, Navy

These Krass & Co. shorts... perfectly preppy. I have two pairs of their shorts and I love love love them! They are comfy and cute. They do have that weird underwear lining thing though, and I have no idea why that's in there... does anyone know? I just cut the lining out of mine.

What's currently on your wish list?

Happy Thursday!

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