Friday, July 18, 2014

Love and Lion

I'm throwing a wedding shower tomorrow and I've been in the thick of the prep this week. Last night, I made at least three miles of bunting that included a bucket of glitter. And even though I didn't finish until almost 1am, I still wanted to find more shiz to glitterfy. 

Maybe not exactly three miles...

While I'm a PRO at slap-and-giggle crafting, actual skilled work does not come naturally. I came across this fun blog, Love and Lion (don't you love the name? I heart "L" alliteration) when I was trying to find a not-crummy shower game. They had the cutest "Stat Card" game and one of the bloggers, Leah, was generous enough to send me a PDF that I could replicate. Unfortunately, when I mentioned before that I don't have any real skills, I wasn't joking. I couldn't create anything even remotely pretty or fun, despite staring at it for hours.

These are the original game cards- I couldn't seem to load mine.  Shocker.

Leah came to my rescue again and offered to redesign the card for me for almost free. And then, she put up with all my tweaks AND reworked another bit so I could use it as a sticky label! So fantastic! I know everyone talks about the rise of the internet troll, but it is amazing what fun, creative, and generous people you can connect with over the web. Thanks again, Leah!

And Happy Weekend, Friends!

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