Monday, July 14, 2014

Artwork of the Week: Illustration by Sabrina Arnault

Illustration by Sabrina Arnault

We are at the beach! Emerald Isle, NC to be precise. We arrived Saturday afternoon and so far my main concerns are adequate sunscreen coverage and nap schedule adherence. Sunday morning was spent trying to coax Graham away from the comforts of sandy Cheerios under the beach umbrella and into the water. Progress was made --- after 2 hours and several attempts, he allowed me to carry him in up to my waist, and even laughed when we were blind-sided by a wave on the way back to the shore. But it was all at great cost; I probably brought home a pound of sand in my bathing suit. Speaking of, I picked up a couple of solid one pieces at Target before I left. Pleasantly surprised by the selection; both fairly attractive with decent butt coverage. I recommend a look-see if you're in the market for something along those lines. 

The illustration above doesn't have a title that I could find, but it does have some serious sass. Also Sabrina Arnault's website doesn't appear to be up and running (what gives?), so you'll have to just Google her for more images.

- Cathleen 

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