Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wes Anderson/Robert Yeoman Short Films

Over the past few months, I have been assembling all of my movies (DVDs and downloads) and organizing them on iTunes.  I then "Home Share" through my Apple TV which in turn gives easy access to my movie collection on one Apple TV app. It is truly awesome and it has made me acquire more of my favorites just to have them on there.

It's almost becoming a hipster cliche to talk about Wes Anderson movies, but I don't care.  He makes some great films but I also think we need to give a little more credit to Robert Yeoman, his cinematographer.  He has worked on nearly every Wes Anderson project and his shooting style is really what gives Anderson's movies their unique feel. Outside of the quirkiness of the scripts, the cinematography is truly what stands out most in their movies.

That being said, I wanted to post three Wes Anderson short films that I think are great.

Castello Cavalcanti is a funny little film with Jason Schwartzman being Jason Schwartzman.  I think this one is my favorite.

*Nudity and Sexual Content* Hotel Chevalier is a very cool short because it extends the Darjeeling Limited world past the feature movie with Schwartzman playing the same character in a moment before his fraternal adventure.

Bottle Rocket (1994) was Wes Anderson's first project and was a 10 minute short film before he got up the funds and support to make it into his first feature.  Yeoman was not working with him on this one and you can really see the difference.  It is cool to see the Wilson brothers even younger, but in the same roles as the '96 Bottle Rocket movie.

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