Wednesday, July 9, 2014

In Stitches

Spine Quilt by Meg Callahan
Image via

With only rudimentary sewing machine skills in my kit and a definitive lack of ample blanketry in my home, I am seriously considering making a quilt. Grace stitched a really lovely one for me a few years ago---all pale blues, soft creams, and warm browns. It sits with great pride of place on the back of our couch, protecting the button tufting from Graham's picky fingers. However, I think it's time to expand my collection. I've been saving some real beauties on Pinterest for awhile now, and while I'll probably never turn out something as finely crafted as these, they've given me something to aspire to. 

Color Study 306 by Sherri Lynn Wood
Unfortunately sold on Etsy

Autumn Lady by Loretta Bennett
2008, 87 x 65"

Image via

Tangerine Ladders by Barbara Perrino

- Cathleen 

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