Friday, October 4, 2013

Nice in Theory?

So, I'm in the market for a mobile for over my daughter's bed and I came across this one. It seems right up my alley 
because it is aesthetically simple, inexpensive, and not too complicated to make. 

via Design Mom

I love the symmetry of the hanging threads and cascade of the little clay diamonds but I keep thinking a couple of tweeks here and there could make it a little more special. I was definitely planning on using a metallic brass-y spray paint instead of the craft paint. And maybe pretty embroidery thread as the stringing material or a more delicate way of attaching the threads to the hoop? 

I'm not sure if I'm trying too hard to make this project work. I have a tendency to keep pressing on when I should just let things go.

Any thoughts? Should I forge ahead or jump ship and try something else? I need to make a decision because I've designated this weekend as my DIY weekend. My esposo is out of town so I need to get some projects done before he gets home and we resume our usual routine of getting NOTHING accomplished. So, seriously, hand over your two cents.

And then have an excellent Crafty Weekend.


  1. oooh. this will turn out GREAT. especially with the colored embroidery threads. excellent addition! and re: the embroidery hoop, why not tie a knot at the end of the string and pull it between the two nested, tightened hoops so you just have a small knot at the top? (does that description make sense?) it would definitely hold, i think. i can't wait to see the finished product!! post pics!

  2. That totally makes sense and it is brilliant. That solves the junkiness issue. But now I'm thinking about spray painting the crib gold (it's a minicrib) and that's got me thrown again for the mobile color....

  3. Cathleen, can you please solve all my design problems? :)


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