Friday, October 18, 2013

Linear Art

Several years ago, my husband pointed out to me how I love lines. I'd never made the connection even though, as a sculpture major in college, I worked with metal wire for several semesters. But his comment was a revelation and helped me understand why I was so fascinated with using a 2-dimensional medium to make 3-dimensional work.

My focus eventually shifted away from linear work (although it did end up figuring pretty heavily in my senior exhibition) but I never lost the appreciation for a good line. So I enjoyed seeing a couple of Gavin Worth's pieces posted on the interwebs last week. 

Hands Clasped

Mr. Worth's work is interesting because it is 3-dimensional in that it exists in space but still remains on one plane. The position of the viewer determines how the work is received, making it changeable from every standpoint. 

Morning Pose

I once read that a good kid distraction technique was to carry different gauges of wire around in your purse for your children to play with when confronted with unexpected down time or a long wait. Just looking at these wire sculptures makes me want to take this advice and use it for myself!

Happy Weekend, Friends!

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