Monday, October 21, 2013

Artwork of the Week: Visit My Web Site

Visit My Web Site by Charley Harper, 2003

When we left Brooklyn, we finally said goodbye to the little cockroaches that darted across the countertops every time we flipped the kitchen lights on. The new house in Durham has it's own breed of home invaders, however. Spiders sit poised in every corner of this place. I wouldn't say that I'm afraid of bugs, in fact, most of the time I just look the other way. As long as they're not bothering me, I won't bother them. But now that there's a baby crawling around putting all of the things straight into his mouth, I'm trying to keep a tidier house. So I started dust-busting the spiders up, thinking it would be the most effective means to their end and involve the least hand-to-hand combat. Big mistake. When Micky decided it was time to empty out the Dirt Devil last week, they all came crawling out ALIVE AND WELL. I didn't see, but I imagined it probably looked like a giant spider king made of a bunch of smaller angry spiders and I was so grateful he was there to wrestle each one of their spindly legs into the garbage.

Despite my aversion to webs and the cobs that spin them, this is my favorite work by illustrator Charley Harper. The bee stuck in the bottom left of the spider's silk is the very same that I considered getting as a tattoo. 

A lithograph of his original painting is available for $75 on

- Cathleen 

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